• Types of Beach Carts with Big Wheels

    Are you a beach lover who always enjoys all the activities at the beach, including a relaxing suntan? If yes, one thing that crosses your mind is the transporting of beach gear to the beach.


    How do you carry those heavy beach gears without sweating out?


    I don’t know about you but the only answer to me is to find a beach cart with big wheels. That’s a simple solution to solve this problem.


    Looking for a Beach Cart with Wide Wheels

    After browsing various e-commerce sites and checking the forums, many people are recommending the models with extra wide wheels.


    Super Ultimate Ultra Wide Wheel Cart

    One of the recommendations is the Super Ultimate Ultra Wide Wheel Cart. We can call it a Wonder Wheeler Cart. As the name suggests, the ultra-wide wheels is a soft sand killer and make your life easier.


    The wide wheels design will roll the cart on top of the sand, thus create less resistance and make your hauling job super easy.


    On the other hand, slim wheels will never be able to roll well in soft sand, and sinking deep like quicksand. You end up dragging and not rolling.


    Sure, a muscular man can drag the sunken cart but that’s a chore and dampens your spirit. You’re here to enjoy and don’t let this challenge bring you unhappiness.

    September 22, 2018
  • Beach Cart

    Super Ultimate Ultra Wide Wheel Cart.

    The Wonder Wheeler stands 39.5” high and 16” wide. For a small family, it is big enough to haul some stuff in it, including cooler, snacks, and other small belongings.


    The handlebar can hook up a few chairs. The tote bag can put in some of the belongings for quick access, and the built-in umbrella holder encourages you to bring along an umbrella on a sunny day.


    This model does work well but its disadvantages are prone to human mistakes. The overloading of a cart with more weight that it can handle will make it sink in the sand.


    With this minor drawback, it is still considered a good beach cart as compared to a cart with slim wheels.


    How much do you think it will cost you to buy an Ultra-Wide Wheel Cart? It’s just cost around $70.


    You may like another model from MAC Sports with better features and control, go to Beach Carts Big Wheels to find out more.


  • Beach Cart with Balloon Wheels for Soft Sand


    Another type which is very popular is the beach cart with balloon wheels. This is definitely a must if you want to conquer soft sand, especially at the Orange Beach and Perdido Key.


    The white soft sand and the gorgeous blue water attracted thousands of families and folks from different states to these beaches.


    If other beach wagons and carts did not make it to the beach, it means you really need a cart with balloon wheels. Invest one-time and enjoy for life.


    Challenger Mobility Folding Beach Cart with Balloon Wheels


    Let me introduce the Challenger Mobility folding Beach cart with Balloon Wheels.


    The wheels size is amazingly big, measures 11.8” x 7”. The bottom platform can be folded for easy storage.


    You may find the price is on the high side but it works extremely well on soft sand, any beach. In addition, it also serves as a utility cart for home gardening if you wish it to.


    The maximum capacity is 165 lbs which nobody will ever need to carry such a heavy load. The telescopic handle is 29”, extendable to 49”. And the wheels are detachable for easy storage.


    More Beach Cart Models


    There are many more different types of brands and models for you to choose from. Price varies from $50 to $200+.


    What suits one may not suit another. So at the end of the day, you’ve to take a little time to research the type you need. It’s about budget, features, and built-quality.


    But a medium range of $100 is a good investment to strike a balance between price and quality.


    Thank you for reading this far. We hope this article will help you in one way or another get the best bang for the buck.


    A gorgeous beach with soft sand is waiting for you! Bring along your new beach cart for soft sand the next time.






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